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Toshiba Satellite L655 Laptop Repair Toronto

 We replaced a CPU fan for the Toshiba Satellite L655

Toshiba covers the L655, as most of its recent Satellites, with a dark silvery gray pattern, under one of the glossiest finishes we’ve ever seen. It could probably pick up fingerprints from someone just looking at it. Inside, the same pattern follows through to the keyboard tray and wrist rest, but the keyboard itself is jet black.

The body feels sturdy, but the trade-off is a thick, chunky laptop that isn’t going to win any modeling contracts. It’s also about a pound heavier than a 14-inch Satellite L-series laptop we looked at last year, so we wouldn’t suggest lugging it around on your daily commute (a couple of days per week is probably fine).

If the Toshiba Satellite L655-S5096’s design makes an above-average impression for its price, much of the rest of its hardware does not. Its 2-GHz Intel Pentium P6100 processor is definitely on the low end in terms of performance. Its 5,400-rpm 320GB hard drive and DVD±RW drive are acceptable, but nothing special. Though the Satellite comes preloaded with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium, it only has 3GB of DDR3 RAM, so you won’t gain much extra use from the operating system’s 64-bit capabilities.

Most everything else is similarly solid but undistinguished. There’s a single SD card slot, located on the front edge of the system (which, depending on how you use the machine, could be an inconvenient location). An integrated webcam sits in the top bezel of the display. There’s no Bluetooth in the L655-S5096, but for basic network connectivity you’ll find an Ethernet port and support for 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. There are two standalone USB 2.0 ports on the system’s right edge where you’ll also find the optical drive; and one combo eSATA/USB 2.0 port and VGA out connector joining the Ethernet jack on the left.

Flat-topped, island-style keyboards are the norm now, and Toshiba has had nearly the same one on its last several generations of Satellite laptops. The 15-inch version includes a separate number pad, with very generous number keys, as well as large Shift, Tab, and other useful keys. However, Toshiba has not yet fixed its main keyboard flaw: an aggravatingly shortened spacebar, which can be murder for touch typists.

The matte multitouch touch pad lies flush with the rest of the keyboard deck and can get a little lost under your fingers, but it’s well-complemented by a pair of large mouse buttons, which have a shiny surface and a convex shape for no discernible reason.


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