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Toshiba Laptop Battery Replacement

Although every laptop is unique, when the main battery is removed, most of them are comparable. All of Apple’s more recent MacBooks, however, employ integrated batteries that must be removed by a service technician. The majority of smaller PC laptops—those with screens of 13 inches or fewer, such an Ultrabook—also feature an inaccessible built-in battery. If your laptop’s battery is not easily accessible, assistance from a repair professional will probably be required to replace the battery.


How to remove laptop battery?

Unplug your laptop if it is plugged in, or cut the power cord.
Your laptop should now have its bottom facing up.
Find the battery clasp on the laptop’s bottom. Many typical laptop battery latches are displayed in the image above.
Slide the latch switch to the other side and hold it open until the battery is freed to remove it.
The battery may automatically pop out of some computers. With some, you must use the tips of your fingers to delicately remove the battery out.

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