HP Pavilion ZV5000 series Replacement Battery


ID: LHP017x



HP Pavilion ZV5000 series Replacement Battery

Pavilion ZV5000
Pavilion ZV5000Z       Pavilion ZV5001
Pavilion ZV5002       Pavilion ZV5003
Pavilion ZV5004       Pavilion ZV5005
Pavilion ZV5010       Pavilion ZV5015
Pavilion ZV5020       Pavilion zv5022AP
Pavilion ZV5025       Pavilion ZV5030
Pavilion ZV5037       Pavilion ZV5038
Pavilion ZV5040       Pavilion ZV5045
Pavilion ZV5050       Pavilion ZV5054
Pavilion ZV5060       Pavilion ZV5070
Pavilion ZV5100 Series       Pavilion ZV5101
Pavilion ZV5101US       Pavilion ZV5103
Pavilion ZV5103US       Pavilion ZV5105 Series
Pavilion ZV5120 Series       Pavilion ZV5120US
Pavilion ZV5129 Series       Pavilion ZV5130 Series
Pavilion ZV5140       Pavilion ZV5142
Pavilion ZV5142EA       Pavilion ZV5150 Series
Pavilion ZV5160 Series       Pavilion ZV5160US
Pavilion ZV5161       Pavilion ZV5169
Pavilion ZV5188EA       Pavilion ZV5200 Series
Pavilion ZV5201       Pavilion ZV5202
Pavilion ZV5202US       Pavilion ZV5210 Series
Pavilion ZV5210CA       Pavilion ZV5210US
Pavilion zv5213AP       Pavilion ZV5220
Pavilion ZV5227       Pavilion ZV5229
Pavilion ZV5230       Pavilion ZV5230US
Pavilion ZV5235       Pavilion ZV5235US
Pavilion ZV5240       Pavilion ZV5240US
Pavilion ZV5242       Pavilion ZV5250
Pavilion ZV5255       Pavilion ZV5255US
Pavilion ZV5260       Pavilion ZV5260US
Pavilion ZV5270       Pavilion ZV5300 Series
Pavilion ZV5301       Pavilion ZV5303
Pavilion ZV5304       Pavilion ZV5308
Pavilion ZV5310       Pavilion ZV5316
Pavilion ZV5320 Series       Pavilion ZV5320CA
Pavilion ZV5320CAF       Pavilion ZV5320US
Pavilion ZV5325       Pavilion ZV5325CA
Pavilion ZV5325CAF       Pavilion ZV5325EA
Pavilion ZV5325US       Pavilion ZV5326
Pavilion ZV5330       Pavilion ZV5330CA
Pavilion ZV5340 Series       Pavilion ZV5340US
Pavilion ZV5342       Pavilion ZV5343
Pavilion ZV5346       Pavilion ZV5347
Pavilion ZV5348       Pavilion ZV5350
Pavilion ZV5356       Pavilion ZV5360
Pavilion ZV5367       Pavilion ZV5370
Pavilion ZV5380 Series       Pavilion ZV5385
Pavilion ZV5386       Pavilion ZV5400 Series
Pavilion ZV5404 Series       Pavilion ZV5410
Pavilion ZV5415       Pavilion ZV5415CA
Pavilion ZV5415F       Pavilion ZV5420
Pavilion ZV5420CA       Pavilion ZV5420US
Pavilion ZV5425       Pavilion ZV5430
Pavilion ZV5434       Pavilion ZV5440
Pavilion ZV5445       Pavilion ZV5450
Pavilion ZV5450CA       Pavilion ZV5450F
Pavilion ZV5450US       Pavilion ZV5454
Pavilion ZV5455       Pavilion ZV5456
Pavilion ZV5460       Pavilion ZV5466
Pavilion ZV5470       Pavilion ZV5476

HP Pavilion ZV6000
HP Pavilion ZX5000

Voltage:      14.8 V

Capacity:    6600 mAh

Type:          Conventional Li-ion

Color:         Black

Condition:   New

Warranty:   6 Months

Compatible Part Numbers:

345030-001       345035-001
346970-001       346971-001
350836-001       371913-001
371914-001       371915-001
371916-001       373569-001
374762-001       378858-001
378859-001       380443-001
383963-001       383965-001
383966-001       383968-001
404885-001       846970-001
846971-001       911052-825
DP390A              DP399A

BHR60                 EG416AA
HSTNN-YB02       PP2200

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Additional information

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in


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