HP Pavilion ZE4000 Replacement Battery


ID: LCP034



HP Pavilion ZE4000 Series Replacement Battery

Pavilion ZE4000 Series
Pavilion ZE4100       Pavilion ZE4100 Series
Pavilion ZE4101       Pavilion ZE4102
Pavilion ZE4103       Pavilion ZE4105
Pavilion ZE4110       Pavilion ZE4111
Pavilion ZE4113       Pavilion ZE4115
Pavilion ZE4120       Pavilion ZE4123
Pavilion ZE4125       Pavilion ZE4130
Pavilion ZE4133       Pavilion ZE4140 Series
Pavilion ZE4145       Pavilion ZE4200 Series
Pavilion ZE4201       Pavilion ZE4202
Pavilion ZE4204       Pavilion ZE4205
Pavilion ZE4206       Pavilion ZE4207
Pavilion ZE4208 Series       Pavilion ZE4210
Pavilion ZE4211       Pavilion ZE4212
Pavilion ZE4214       Pavilion ZE4215
Pavilion ZE4217       Pavilion ZE4218
Pavilion ZE4219 Series       Pavilion ZE4220
Pavilion ZE4221       Pavilion ZE4224
Pavilion ZE4228       Pavilion ZE4229
Pavilion ZE4230       Pavilion ZE4231
Pavilion ZE4232       Pavilion ZE4234
Pavilion ZE4236       Pavilion ZE4239
Pavilion ZE4240       Pavilion ZE4241
Pavilion ZE4251       Pavilion ZE4261
Pavilion ZE4262       Pavilion ZE4268
Pavilion ZE4271       Pavilion ZE4274
Pavilion ZE4278 Series       Pavilion ZE4281
Pavilion ZE4282       Pavilion ZE4284
Pavilion ZE4288       Pavilion ZE4292
Pavilion ZE4294       Pavilion ZE4298

HP Pavilion ZE4300
HP Pavilion ZE4400
HP Pavilion ZE4500
HP Pavilion ZE4600
HP Pavilion ZE4700
HP Pavilion ZE4800
HP Pavilion ZE5000

Voltage:      14.8 V

Capacity:    4400 mAh

Type:          Conventional Li-ion

Color:         Black

Condition:   New

Warranty:   6 Months

Compatible Part Numbers:

113955-001                         294038-182
319411-001                         371785-001 – Compaq
4098A – Compaq                  4809A – Compaq
CQ-P2100L – Compaq           DB946A#ABA
F4098A – Compaq                 F4809A – Compaq
F4812A – Compaq                 HP-NX9000L – Compaq
HP-XE4000L – Compaq         HP-ZE4000L – Compaq
LBCQP2100L – Compaq         LBHPZE4100 – Compaq

319411-001N                        371785-001 – HP
371786-001                          4098A – HP
4809A – HP                            916-1030
916-2150 – HP                      CQ-P2100L – HP
F4098A – HP                          F4809
F4809-60901                        F4809A – HP
F4812                                   F4812A – HP
HP F4812                              HP-NX9000L – HP
HP-XE4000L – HP                  HP-ZE4000L – HP
LBCQP2100L – HP                  LBHPZE4100 – HP



916-2150 – Simplo
916-2160                              916-2310

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Additional information

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1 in


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