HP Pavilion dV7 Series Replacement Battery



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HP Pavilion dV7 Series Replacement Battery

HP Pavilion dV7T/dv7Z

HP Pavilion dV8-1000

HP Pavilion dV8-1100

HP Pavilion dV8t


Pavilion DV7-1000 CTO
Pavilion dv7-1001xx       Pavilion dv7-1002tx
Pavilion dv7-1002xx       Pavilion dv7-1003tx
Pavilion dv7-1003xx       Pavilion dv7-1004tx
Pavilion dv7-1005tx       Pavilion dv7-1006tx
Pavilion dv7-1008tx       Pavilion dv7-1009tx
Pavilion dv7-1010tx       Pavilion dv7-1011tx
Pavilion dv7-1012tx       Pavilion dv7-1013tx
Pavilion DV7-1014         Pavilion DV7-1014CA
Pavilion DV7-1016         Pavilion DV7-1016NR
Pavilion dv7-1016tx       Pavilion dv7-1017tx
Pavilion dv7-1018tx       Pavilion dv7-1019tx
Pavilion DV7-1020         Pavilion dv7-1020tx
Pavilion DV7-1020US     Pavilion dv7-1021tx
Pavilion DV7-1023         Pavilion DV7-1023CL
Pavilion dv7-1023tx       Pavilion dv7-1024tx
Pavilion DV7-1025         Pavilion DV7-1025NR
Pavilion dv7-1025tx       Pavilion DV7-1027
Pavilion DV7-1027CA     Pavilion dv7-1027tx
Pavilion dv7-1030tx       Pavilion DV7-1034
Pavilion DV7-1034CA     Pavilion dv7-1034tx
Pavilion DV7-1038         Pavilion DV7-1038CA
Pavilion dv7-1051xx       Pavilion dv7-1052xx
Pavilion dv7-1053xx       Pavilion dv7-1101xx
Pavilion dv7-1102tx       Pavilion dv7-1102xx
Pavilion dv7-1103tx       Pavilion dv7-1103xx
Pavilion dv7-1104tx       Pavilion dv7-1105tx
Pavilion dv7-1107tx       Pavilion dv7-1123ca
Pavilion dv7-1127cl       Pavilion dv7-1128ca
Pavilion dv7-1129wm     Pavilion dv7-1130us
Pavilion dv7-1132nr       Pavilion dv7-1133cl
Pavilion dv7-1134us       Pavilion dv7-1135nr
Pavilion dv7-1137us       Pavilion dv7-1151xx
Pavilion dv7-1153ca       Pavilion dv7-1157cl
Pavilion dv7-1170us       Pavilion dv7-1174ca
Pavilion dv7-1175nr       Pavilion dv7-1177ca
Pavilion dv7-1183cl        Pavilion dv7-1201tx
Pavilion dv7-1201xx       Pavilion dv7-1202tx
Pavilion dv7-1206tx       Pavilion dv7-1207tx
Pavilion dv7-1208tx       Pavilion dv7-1209tx
Pavilion dv7-1210tx       Pavilion dv7-1211tx
Pavilion dv7-1212tx       Pavilion dv7-1213tx
Pavilion dv7-1214tx       Pavilion dv7-1215tx
Pavilion dv7-1216tx       Pavilion dv7-1223ca
Pavilion dv7-1228ca       Pavilion dv7-1232nr
Pavilion DV7-1240US      Pavilion dv7-1243cl
Pavilion dv7-1245ca       Pavilion dv7-1245dx
Pavilion dv7-1247cl        Pavilion dv7-1253ca
Pavilion dv7-1261wm     Pavilion dv7-1262us
Pavilion dv7-1264nr       Pavilion dv7-1267cl
Pavilion dv7-1270ca       Pavilion DV7-1270US
Pavilion dv7-1273cl        Pavilion dv7-1275dx
Pavilion dv7-1279wm     Pavilion dv7-1285dx
Pavilion dv7-1424nr       Pavilion dv7-1426nr
Pavilion dv7-1444us       Pavilion dv7-1448dx
Pavilion dv7-1450us       Pavilion dv7-1451nr
Pavilion dv7-1464nr       Pavilion dv7-1468nr
Pavilion DV7-1550US      Pavilion dv7-2001xx
Pavilion dv7-2003tx       Pavilion dv7-2012tx
Pavilion dv7-2013tx       Pavilion dv7-2014tx
Pavilion dv7-2015tx       Pavilion dv7-2016tx
Pavilion dv7-2021tx       Pavilion dv7-2022tx
Pavilion dv7-2040ca       Pavilion dv7-2040us
Pavilion dv7-2043cl       Pavilion dv7-2107tx
Pavilion dv7-2110tx       Pavilion dv7-2111tx
Pavilion dv7-2111us       Pavilion dv7-2112tx
Pavilion dv7-2114tx       Pavilion dv7-2122tx
Pavilion dv7-2123tx       Pavilion dv7-2124tx
Pavilion dv7-2125tx       Pavilion dv7-2126tx
Pavilion dv7-2128tx       Pavilion DV7-2170US
Pavilion dv7-2173cl       Pavilion dv7-2177cl
Pavilion DV7-2180US     Pavilion dv7-2185dx
Pavilion dv7-2204tx       Pavilion dv7-2206tx
Pavilion dv7-2210tx       Pavilion dv7-2211tx
Pavilion dv7-2212ef       Pavilion dv7-2212sf
Pavilion dv7-2212tx       Pavilion dv7-2230ea
Pavilion dv7-2270ef       Pavilion dv7-2270us
Pavilion dv7-2273cl       Pavilion dv7-2277cl
Pavilion dv7-3000 Series       Pavilion dv7-3001xx
Pavilion dv7-3002tx       Pavilion dv7-3003tx
Pavilion dv7-3006tx       Pavilion dv7-3007tx
Pavilion dv7-3008tx       Pavilion dv7-3010ew
Pavilion dv7-3020ew      Pavilion dv7-3024ca
Pavilion dv7-3025sf       Pavilion dv7-3030ew
Pavilion dv7-3051xx       Pavilion dv7-3057nr
Pavilion dv7-3060us       Pavilion dv7-3061nr
Pavilion dv7-3063cl       Pavilion dv7-3065dx
Pavilion dv7-3067cl       Pavilion dv7-3067nr
Pavilion dv7-3069wm     Pavilion dv7-3078nr
Pavilion dv7-3079nr       Pavilion dv7-3079wm
Pavilion dv7-3080ed       Pavilion dv7-3080us
Pavilion dv7-3085dx       Pavilion dv7-3089nr
Pavilion dv7-3090ed       Pavilion dv7-3101tx
Pavilion dv7-3105tx       Pavilion dv7-3107tx
Pavilion dv7-3108tx       Pavilion dv7-3109tx
Pavilion dv7-3110tx       Pavilion dv7-3112sa
Pavilion dv7-3112tx       Pavilion dv7-3113tx
Pavilion dv7-3114tx       Pavilion dv7-3115tx
Pavilion dv7-3116tx       Pavilion dv7-3118tx
Pavilion dv7-3120tx       Pavilion dv7-3126tx
Pavilion dv7-3127tx       Pavilion dv7-3128ca
Pavilion dv7-3130sb       Pavilion dv7-3133el
Pavilion dv7-3140eb       Pavilion dv7-3148ca
Pavilion dv7-3155eb       Pavilion dv7-3155el
Pavilion dv7-3160eb       Pavilion dv7-3160el
Pavilion dv7-3160ep       Pavilion dv7-3160us
Pavilion dv7-3162nr       Pavilion dv7-3163cl
Pavilion dv7-3164cl        Pavilion dv7-3165dx
Pavilion dv7-3165eb       Pavilion dv7-3165el
Pavilion dv7-3166eb       Pavilion dv7-3166nr
Pavilion dv7-3167nr       Pavilion dv7-3169wm
Pavilion dv7-3171nr       Pavilion dv7-3173nr
Pavilion dv7-3174ca       Pavilion dv7-3174nr
Pavilion dv7-3180us       Pavilion dv7-3183cl
Pavilion dv7-3183nr       Pavilion dv7-3186cl
Pavilion dv7-3187cl       Pavilion dv7-3188cl

Voltage:      14.4 V

Capacity:    4400 mAh

Type:          Conventional Li-ion

Color:         Black

Condition:   New

Warranty:   6 Months

This battery only compatible with 14.4V and 14.8V version.
This battery is not compatible with Pavilion dv7-4000 Series and up.

Compatible Part Numbers:

464058-121       464058-141
464058-161       464058-361
464058-362       464059-121
464059-122       464059-141
464059-142       464059-161
464059-221       464059-252
464059-352       464059-361
464059-362       480385-001
486766-001       497705-001
509422-001       516354-001
516355-001       DYNA-CHA-LOC
GA04                  GA06
GA06047            GA08
GA08073             HSTNN-C50C
HSTNN-Q35C       KS525AA
KS525AA#ABA    NBP6A95
NH494AA             NH494AA#ABA

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Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1 in


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