HP Pavilion dm3 Series Replacement Battery


ID: LHP236



HP Pavilion dm3 Series Replacement Battery

Pavilion dm3-1001au
Pavilion dm3-1001ax       Pavilion dm3-1001tu
Pavilion dm3-1002ax       Pavilion dm3-1002tu
Pavilion dm3-1003ax       Pavilion dm3-1003tu
Pavilion dm3-1003tx       Pavilion dm3-1004ax
Pavilion dm3-1004tu       Pavilion dm3-1004tx
Pavilion dm3-1004xx       Pavilion dm3-1005ax
Pavilion dm3-1005tu       Pavilion dm3-1005tx
Pavilion dm3-1006au       Pavilion dm3-1006ax
Pavilion dm3-1006tx       Pavilion dm3-1007au
Pavilion dm3-1007ax       Pavilion dm3-1007tu
Pavilion dm3-1008ax       Pavilion dm3-1008eg
Pavilion dm3-1008tu       Pavilion dm3-1009ax
Pavilion dm3-1009tu       Pavilion dm3-1010ax
Pavilion dm3-1010ea       Pavilion dm3-1010eb
Pavilion dm3-1010ed       Pavilion dm3-1010eg
Pavilion dm3-1010ej       Pavilion dm3-1010el
Pavilion dm3-1010eo       Pavilion dm3-1010et
Pavilion dm3-1010ev       Pavilion dm3-1010ew
Pavilion dm3-1010tx       Pavilion dm3-1011tu
Pavilion dm3-1011tx       Pavilion dm3-1012ax
Pavilion dm3-1012tx       Pavilion dm3-1013ax
Pavilion dm3-1013tx       Pavilion dm3-1014tu
Pavilion dm3-1014tx       Pavilion dm3-1015ax
Pavilion dm3-1015eo       Pavilion dm3-1015tu
Pavilion dm3-1015tx       Pavilion dm3-1016ax
Pavilion dm3-1016tx       Pavilion dm3-1017tx
Pavilion dm3-1018tx       Pavilion dm3-1019ax
Pavilion dm3-1019tx       Pavilion dm3-1020ax
Pavilion dm3-1020ca       Pavilion dm3-1020ea
Pavilion dm3-1020eb       Pavilion dm3-1020ec
Pavilion dm3-1020ed       Pavilion dm3-1020ef
Pavilion dm3-1020eg       Pavilion dm3-1020eo
Pavilion dm3-1020er       Pavilion dm3-1021ax
Pavilion dm3-1021tx       Pavilion dm3-1022ax
Pavilion dm3-1022tx       Pavilion dm3-1023ca
Pavilion dm3-1023tx       Pavilion dm3-1024ax
Pavilion dm3-1024ca       Pavilion dm3-1025ez
Pavilion dm3-1025sa       Pavilion dm3-1026tx
Pavilion dm3-1027tx       Pavilion dm3-1028tx
Pavilion dm3-1030ea       Pavilion dm3-1030ed
Pavilion dm3-1030ef       Pavilion dm3-1030eg
Pavilion dm3-1030ei       Pavilion dm3-1030er
Pavilion dm3-1030sa       Pavilion dm3-1030us
Pavilion dm3-1031tx       Pavilion dm3-1032tx
Pavilion dm3-1033tx       Pavilion dm3-1034tx
Pavilion dm3-1035br       Pavilion dm3-1035dx
Pavilion dm3-1035ef       Pavilion dm3-1035eo
Pavilion dm3-1035tx       Pavilion dm3-1039wm
Pavilion dm3-1040ef       Pavilion dm3-1040eg
Pavilion dm3-1040ei       Pavilion dm3-1040ek
Pavilion dm3-1040eo       Pavilion dm3-1040ev
Pavilion dm3-1040ez       Pavilion dm3-1040us
Pavilion dm3-1044nr       Pavilion dm3-1047cl
Pavilion dm3-1047nr       Pavilion dm3-1048la
Pavilion dm3-1050ee       Pavilion dm3-1050en
Pavilion dm3-1050eo       Pavilion dm3-1050ep
Pavilion dm3-1050er       Pavilion dm3-1050ss
Pavilion dm3-1053xx       Pavilion dm3-1055eo
Pavilion dm3-1058nr       Pavilion dm3-1060ea
Pavilion dm3-1060ef       Pavilion dm3-1060eo
Pavilion dm3-1060er       Pavilion dm3-1060es
Pavilion dm3-1065eo       Pavilion dm3-1070ea
Pavilion dm3-1070eo       Pavilion dm3-1070es
Pavilion dm3-1075eo       Pavilion dm3-1080ef
Pavilion dm3-1080es       Pavilion dm3-1090es
Pavilion dm3-1095es       Pavilion dm3-1100eb
Pavilion dm3-1101au       Pavilion dm3-1101ax
Pavilion dm3-1101ea       Pavilion dm3-1101tu
Pavilion dm3-1101tx       Pavilion dm3-1102ax
Pavilion dm3-1102tu       Pavilion dm3-1102tx
Pavilion dm3-1103au       Pavilion dm3-1103tx
Pavilion dm3-1104tu       Pavilion dm3-1104tx
Pavilion dm3-1105au       Pavilion dm3-1105ax
Pavilion dm3-1105ea       Pavilion dm3-1105ew
Pavilion dm3-1105tu       Pavilion dm3-1105tx
Pavilion dm3-1107au       Pavilion dm3-1107ax
Pavilion dm3-1107tx       Pavilion dm3-1108ax
Pavilion dm3-1108tu       Pavilion dm3-1109ax
Pavilion dm3-1109tu       Pavilion dm3-1110eb
Pavilion dm3-1110ed       Pavilion dm3-1110eg
Pavilion dm3-1110ej       Pavilion dm3-1110eo
Pavilion dm3-1110ew       Pavilion dm3-1110tx
Pavilion dm3-1111ax       Pavilion dm3-1111er
Pavilion dm3-1111sa       Pavilion dm3-1112ax
Pavilion dm3-1112sa       Pavilion dm3-1113ax
Pavilion dm3-1113tx       Pavilion dm3-1114ax
Pavilion dm3-1115ax       Pavilion dm3-1115eg
Pavilion dm3-1115tx       Pavilion dm3-1116tx
Pavilion dm3-1117ax       Pavilion dm3-1118tx
Pavilion dm3-1119ax       Pavilion dm3-1119tx
Pavilion dm3-1120ax       Pavilion dm3-1120eb
Pavilion dm3-1120ec       Pavilion dm3-1120ed
Pavilion dm3-1120ef       Pavilion dm3-1120eg
Pavilion dm3-1120eo       Pavilion dm3-1120ep
Pavilion dm3-1120es       Pavilion dm3-1120tx
Pavilion dm3-1121ax       Pavilion dm3-1121ez
Pavilion dm3-1121tx       Pavilion dm3-1122tx
Pavilion dm3-1123ax       Pavilion dm3-1123eo
Pavilion dm3-1123tx       Pavilion dm3-1124ax
Pavilion dm3-1124ca       Pavilion dm3-1124tx
Pavilion dm3-1125eo       Pavilion dm3-1125tx
Pavilion dm3-1126ax

Voltage:      11.1 V

Capacity:    4400 mAh

Type:          Conventional Li-ion

Color:         Black

Condition:   New

Warranty:   6 Months

Compatible Part Numbers:

538692-251        538692-351
538692-541        577093-001
580686-001        FD06
VG586AA            VG586AA#UUF

Pavilion dm3t-1000 CTO
Pavilion dm3z
Pavilion dm3z-1000 CTO

538692-251        538692-351
538692-541        577093-001
580686-001        FD06
VG586AA            VG586AA#UUF

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Additional information

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 1 in


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