Gateway T series Replacement Battery


ID: LGT213



 Gateway T series Replacement Battery  

T1400                          T-1400
T1409j                        T-1409j
T1412                         T-1412
T1413                         T-1413
T1424u                       T-1424u
T1600                         T-1600
T1602m                      T-1602m
T1603m                      T-1603m
T1604m                      T-1604m
T1605m                      T-1605m
T1616                         T-1616
T1620                         T-1620
T1621                         T-1621
T1622                         T-1622
T1623                         T-1623
T1625                         T-1625
T1628                         T-1628
T1628h                       T-1628h
T1629                         T-1629
T1630                         T-1630
T1630 Silver               T-1630 Silver
T1631                         T-1631
T1631 Garnet Red      T-1631 Garnet Red
T2330                        T6208c
T-6208c                     T6303c
T-6303c                     T6304c
T-6304c                     T6305c
T-6305c                     T6307c
T-6307c                     T6308c
T-6308c                     T6311
T-6311                      T6313
T-6313                      T6313h
T-6313h                    T6315c
T-6315c                    T6316c
T-6316c                    T6317c
T-6317c                    T6318c
T-6318c                    T6319c
T-6319c                    T6320c
T-6320c                    T6321
T-6321                      T6322
T6322c                     T-6322c
T6324                       T6324c
T-6324c                    T6325
T6325c                     T-6325c
T6326                      T6326c
T-6326c                   T6327
T6327c                    T-6327c
T6330                      T-6330
T6330u                    T-6330u
T6800                      T-6800
T6801                      T-6801
T6801M                   T-6801M
T6802m                   T-6802m
T6815                      T-6815
T6815H                   T-6815H
T6816                     T-6816
T6816h                   T-6816h
T6817c                   T-6817c
T6818c                   T-6818c
T6819c                   T-6819c
T6820c                   T-6820c
T6821c                   T-6821c
T6822c                   T-6822c
T6823c                   T-6823c
T6824c                   T-6824c
T6825c                   T-6825c
T6826c                   T-6826c
T6827c                   T-6827c
T6828                     T-6828
T6829                     T-6829
T6829h                   T-6829h
T6830c                   T-6830c
T6831c                   T-6831c
T6832c                   T-6832c
T6834c                   T-6834c
T6836                     T-6836
T6836 Pacific Blue  T6840c
T-6840c                 T6841
T-6841                  T6841h
T-6841h                T6841h Garnet Red
T6842                   T-6842
T6842 Pacific BlueT6842h
T-6842h                T6842h Pacific Blue
T6859u                  T-6859u

Voltage:      11.1 V

Capacity:     4400 mAh

Type:           Li-ion

Color:          Black

Condition:   New

Warranty:    6 Months

Compatible With:

2524264                         3UR18650-2-T0036
3UR18650-2-T0037       3UR18650F-2-ARM
6146595                     6501117
6501147                  6501164
6501165                  6501166
6501167                  6501168
6501169                  6501171
6501182                   6501186
6501187                      6501188
6501189                   6501200
6501202                    6501203
6501209                      6501210
6501213                       6501214
6501215                      6501216
6501217                       6501219
6506124R                      6506125R
6506126R                     6506128
6506156R                      6506157R
6MSBG                           916C6240F
916C6790F                     916C6810F
916C6940F                     916C7320F
934T2660F                     934T2670F
934T2690F                      934T2720F
935C/T2090F                  935C/T2270
935C/T2770                    935C2150F
935C2180F                      935C2190F
B1865010G00004            B1865010G00006
BT.00603.047                  BT.00607.029
DAK100440-010144L       DAK100440-010802L
DAK100440-011107L       DAK100440-011805L
DAK100520-010102L       SQU-715
SQU-719                           SQU-721
W35044LB                      W35044LB-SP
W35044LB-SP1               W35044LB-SY

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Additional information

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in


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