Gateway NV59C,NV73A,NV79C Battery


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Gateway NV59C,NV73A,NV79C Series Replacement Battery

NV59C Series
NV59C05u       NV59C09u
NV59C11u       NV59C26u
NV59C27u       NV59C28u
NV59C31u       NV59C32u
NV59C33u       NV59C34u
NV59C35u       NV59C40u
NV59C41u       NV59C42u
NV59C43u       NV59C44u
NV59C46u       NV59C47u
NV59C48u       NV59C49u
NV59C50u       NV59C56u
NV73 Series
NV7316u       NV73A Series
NV73A08u       NV73A09u
NV73A10u       NV73A12u
NV73A17u       NV78 Series
NV79C Series   NV79C17u
NV79C27u       NV79C34u
NV79C35u       NV79C36u
NV79C37u       NV79C38u
NV79C42u       NV79C47u
NV79C48u       NV79C49u
NV79C50u       NV79C51u
NV79C52u       NV79C54u

Voltage:      10.8 V

Capacity:     4400 mAh/ 48 Wh

Type:          Conventional Li-ion

Color:         Black

Condition:   New

Warranty:    6 Months

3ICR19/65-2       3ICR19/66-2
934T2078F       AK.006BT.080
AS10D31       AS10D3E
AS10D41       AS10D51
AS10D61       AS10D71
BT.00603.111       BT.00604.049
BT.00605.062       BT.00606.008
BT.00607.125       BT.00607.126

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Additional information

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1 in


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