Acer Aspire 5320 Series Replacement Battery


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Acer Aspire 5320 Series Replacement Battery

Voltage:      14.8 V

Capacity:     4400 mAh/65 Wh

Type:          Conventional Li-ion

Color:         Black

Condition:   New

Warranty:    6 Months

3UR18650Y-2-CPI-ICL50       934T2180F
AS07B32                               AS07B42
AS07B52                               AS07B72
AS07BX1                               AS07BX2
BT.00603.033                       BT.00603.042
BT.00604.018                       BT.00605.015
BT.00607.010                       BT.00803.024
BT.00804.020                       BT.00804.024
BT.00805.011                      BT.00807.014
BTP-AS5520G                      ICK70
ICL50                                   ICW50
ICY70                                  JDW50
LC.BTP00.007                       LC.BTP00.013
MS2221                                ZD1

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