Battery for A2171 MacBook Pro 13″: $120.00


ID: A2171batt


A1708 A2159 Battery, A2289 A2338 Replacement Battery for A1713 A2171, Compatible with MacBook Pro 13 Inch (Late 2016, Mid 2017, Mid 2019, 2020), EMC 3301 3164


About this Battery
[Specification of A1708 Battery] Voltage: 11.41V. Capacity: 58.19Wh 5100mAh. Battery Type: Li-ion. Condition: 100% Brand new.
Compatible Laptop Models: Replacement for MacBook Pro 13-inch Model A1708 A2159(Late 2016 Mid 2017 year) version MLL42LL/A* MLL42LL/A MPXQ2LL/A* MPXQ2LL/A MLL42CH/A MLL42LL MLUQ2CH/A MPXQ2LL MLL42TA/A MLL42J/A MLL42D/A MLL42E/A MPXQ2ZE/A MPXQ2TA/A MLUQ2FN/A MLUQ2J/A MPXQ2B/A MPXQ2D/A MPXQ2E/A MPXQ2Y/A MPXQ2J/A MPXQ2FN/A MPXQ2CH/A. Compatible with MacBook Pro 13 Inch A2289 A2338(2020 year).
Condition: New

If you need the battery to be replaced on your MacBook Laptop, please call for pricing. Tel: 905-482-3365

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