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Monitor Repair Toronto – 24-inch BENQ Monitor

January 23, 2018

It happens a lot that monitor does not turn on at all. In this case most probably some Electronics components inside the monitor are not functioning properly and need to be fixed or replaced.

We fixed a 24- inch Benq monitor for a Toronto customer in a couple of days.

This advertising about BenQ monitor is very popular. Just take a look.

Enjoy stunning HD graphics with this BenQ 24-inch LED monitor. A dynamic ratio of 12M:1 lets you see all of your photos and videos clearly, while a 2ms response time ensures quick loading. A full aspect ratio of 16:9 delivers pure HD. This BenQ 24-inch LED monitor features HDMI connectivity, enabling connection to another device.

BenQ - 24" LED HD Monitor - Glossy black - Front_Zoom

The most obvious of these is the lack of HDMI as BenQ has opted for just VGA and DVI. We suspect there are licensing reasons at work here, but the lack of HDMI isn’t such a huge issue as it first seems given HDMI and DVI work together seamlessly via cheap adapters. This means you can happily plug in any HDMI device (laptop or games console) via an adapter. The only caveat here is that you can’t pipe audio through DVI, so you’ll have to connect speakers separately. There aren’t any built into the GL2450, either, though that’s no great loss in our book.
Eagle Magpie
The actual design of the GL2450 is as anonymous and basic as we expect at this price. It’s black, it’s glossy: that’s it really. We like it doesn’t require any screws to assemble, however, as both the neck and base clip in securely using clasps. It’s a small thing, but if BenQ can do this on a cheap monitor such as this there’s no reasons others can’t for much pricier monitors. Both provide a stable, wobble-free based, though there’s only the basic level of tilt (-5 / 15 degrees) for adjustments.

Unsurprisingly given the price, we’re dealing with a TN-based LCD panel. It’s the cheapest and most basic type of LCD panel around that typically lacks the strong static contrast ratios of VA-based monitors (the GW2760HS being one) or the wide viewing angles of IPS-based monitors like the LG 29EA93 or the PLS-based monitors favoured by Samsung and best represented by the Samsung SC24C650.
It’s easy to read too much into such comparisons, however. The difference between a good TN panel and a bad IPS/PLS one isn’t too great, which is why ‘IPS’ isn’t a guaranteed seal of quality as some marketing suggests.

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