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Laptop Motherboard Repair Toronto

Signs of Motherboard failure

  1. You have switched on the computer being indicated by the light and fan also starts to spin. But there is a complete blackout on the computer screen with the hard drive not working within 10- 15 sec.
  2. The initial start-up functions appear like indicative light, fan, and hard drive sound, but disappears after a while, i.e., 5 – 3 minutes.
  3. A high pitched sound comes from the laptop when you press the “on” button.
  4. The last one can be that even when you have switched on the computer, nothing happens.

Causes of Motherboard failure

There are numerous reasons why a laptop’s motherboard would fail. But some common and often unlooked corners include:

  1. Electric and voltage fluctuations
  2. Dust particles, smoke, laptops age
  3. Fan failure often causing overheating issues
  4. Crash or physical damage


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